Thunder Bolts and Lightening

I lost a $5 bet to my dad today.
It’s the best $5 I ever lost in a bet. I lost it because the Chargers won. The San Diego Chargers are now 4-0.
Obviously, I thought there was a very good chance they would lose to New England. New England has a pretty impressive offense and they really tore the Charger defense apart last year. So, I wasn’t about to pick the Chargers to win, even as I felt pretty confident that they would play a good game today.
Well, the Chargers played a great game. The defense held NE to 14 points and LaDainian Tomlinson played the best game of his young career, tying a Chargers record with 212 yards rushing.
The Chargers are now 4-0, and the Raiders are 3-0. Denver is also undefeated, but they play tomorrow night, so we’ll see if they remain undefeated. That makes for a hell of a AFC West. Only the Chiefs suck, and they seem to have an unstoppable offense.
The Chargers go to Denver next week, but I don’t think they will have much trouble keeping Denver from mounting a good offensive attack. Denver isn’t that scary offensively and the Chargers have the #1 defense if football.
Beating NE is huge. Yes, the West if tough, but I’m starting to believe that the Chargers can win the division. I’ll feel even better about their chances if they do beat Denver next week.

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