Thunderbirds and Tiki dolls

Fred's thunderbird 1962Last week, I’m driving to work. I’m waiting at a long stop light at Telephone and Main and I’m sitting behind this 1960s Ford Thunderbird. It’s white. It’s big. The body is in good condition, but it needs a paint job, some rust work and some interior work. It reminds me of the 1967 Cadillac El Dorado I used to drive. It makes me feel a little nostalgic for that Caddy.

I think it’s pretty cool that this guy is driving this old car to work.

Then I notice the Tiki bobble-head doll in the back window. Now I think not only does this guy have a cool car, he has cool taste. He is a man of sophistication and taste.

Then I think about how people who drive cars that they think makes a statement about themselves — and I’ve been there — imagine that people notice, but they never really know. Nobody ever stops them and says, “That’s cool.”

Of course, it would be totally uncool to do that. So we all remain mute.

Then I thought, hell, I should follow this guy to his office and tell him I dig his car. And his Tiki doll. Then I think, “Don’t be a nerd, Howard. You’re such a nerd. Forget it.”

So the light changes and I try to get around this guy to get a better look at his car, but he’s booking, so I’m running out of room before I will reach my necessary right turn, but I do notice his totally bitching wide white walls, then I drop back in the lane behind him.

We reach Ralston, and he turns right. This is my right turn. We take the bend in the road past the police station and reach Saratoga, where he turns right, and I must turn right … and then he pulls into the parking lot of my office.

Now I’m really curious as to who this guy is. So I park and walk over to where he is parked.

It is Fred Scolfield, one of the graphic artists in our advertising department.

The car is a 1962 Thunderbird and he bought it last year, has already done a bunch of engine work and will get it painted in April. Very cool.

I took this picture yesterday. Here’s a link to his own shots of the car right after he bought it.

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