TimesCast Anniversary

Seth Ginter sends along this announcement:

Tomorrow, Dec. 8, marks the one-year anniversary of the official TimesCast launch.

There have been several big changes since its launch: The TimesCast moved from a confiscated small office to the studio in June; Daine Vineyard joined the team to be its producer in April; and on-location TimesCasts have included the woods on Mill Mountain, Steppin’ Out in Blacksburg, Victory Stadium and Dr. Pain’s Haunted Asylum, to name a few.

Like most anniversary shows, there’ll be our fair share of clips and cameos of the past year since its debut. Be sure to watch at 3:30 p.m. for special appearances by past TimesCasters and other surprises. In the meantime, vote for who should be the TimesCast Santa and Santa’s Helper by checking out the Holidays page on roanoke.com….

Regular readers know I’m a fan.

UPDATE: A blog post from John Jackson.

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1 thought on “TimesCast Anniversary

  1. Howard – I will send you a URL of what we have planned for the TimesCast Anniversary.


    BTW Here is the first story that anyone did on the TimesCast —


    I’s also like to link to this article The Roanoke Times Executive Editor Mike Riley wrote for Nieman Reports that explains a lot of what we are up to here in Roanoke.



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