Tips on writing for the web

Bob Stepno uncovers a list of writing tips by Janice Castro from years ago. I actually have that same list printed and saved in a folder some where. Reading it again, it still holds up. I could use to follow Castro’s advice a little more closely.

One comment:

Castro rejected the advice of “so-called experts” who claim that online communication has to be done with attitude. “No,” she said. “It has to be high quality. It has to be you. … Voice, accuracy, reliability and trust matter more than ever.”

I agree with everything, except I wouldn’t mistake “attitude” for personal voice. Personality needs to shine through in good online writing. People need to have a sense that there is a real person talking to them. Attitude can actually be counter productive because attitude can seem affected and facile. A real, authentic voice is the voice of one-to-one communication.

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