Tony Pierce is the man

tony pierce is the manI’ve been a little giddy all afternoon. Tony Pierce gave me a bit of a staring role in one of his posts. It’s a dream come true. Pierce is big time, man.

perhaps you have read howard’s wonderful blog that not only sports some level-headed political thought, but great design, and the courage to publish ones own poetry. i admire achievements like those since i dont have the fortitude or ability to do any of those things.

How nice. And Tony sells himself short. He publishes poetry every day. It just looks like prose.

He even provides a poetic  photo essay.

We had a great time, of course. And my wife didn’t mind at all having me, Matt and Tony going on and on about Fred McGriff’s feebleness, how to pronounce Xavier Nady (it’s X-avier, not Zavier), and whether to draft a catcher in the first round of a fantasy draft.

On the drive home, Billie praised Tony at least five times — He’s charming, he’s witty, he’s kind, he has a generous spirit, etc. She thinks Tony and Matt are both fine men. And they are.

Ballgames are always enjoyable when you’re with good people.

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