A trip to the Huntington Library

Yesterday, we visited the Huntington Library and I took lots of pictures.

This was my third visit to the Huntington (fourth if you count my trip to donate my Anthony Burgess letter). The first trip was led by Noel Riley Fitch and included a group of my PLNC literature department classmates. The second was with Billie and my step son. In both those trips, I was more interested in the library and art. This trip, is was primarily about plants, especially the roses and desert garden.

This time the trip was organized by the Kern County Rose Society.

It was a good day, and I got lots of ideas for the garden. On the West side of the house, I think I want to plant a Palo Verde and Mesquite, and I’m even thinking about taking out the lawn and planting some euphorbia, barrel cactus and more aloe. I’d like to include some native grasses, I think.

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