TV as we know it is doomed

Here are more reasons for newspapers to be diving heavily into video — the channel as we know it is going to disappear, or at least become essentially irrelevant.

From the Washington Posle:

So far, Brightcove customers have built online video programming networks dedicated to topics as varied as pet care and Miami night life. The channels are available only on computers, but Berrey hopes to soon offer viewers a way to watch on their TV sets.

One way Brightcove is trying to get on TV screens is to work with products connected to TV sets, such as the TiVo digital video recorder. Together, Brightcove and TiVo are creating a video portal that allows TiVo subscribers to upload homemade video clips and create unique channels — a lineup of shows from various sources on TiVo’s Now Playing list — that friends and family members can watch through their own TiVo boxes.

“It’s the democratization of video content,” Berrey said. “People are going to get away from Channel 9 or Channel 10.”

Brightcover isn’t the only company out there working to figure out how to get IP-delivered video onto the big box in the living room. The day is coming when you’ll build your own channels and master all of your own programming choices, it will consist in large measure of content created independently of any of today’s traditional producers.

Previously, Taking the disruptive path with video, and just for the fun of it, here’s a post I wrote in 2004 on IPTV when I was still calling it TVIP.

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