Types of newspaper video

Andy Dickinson offers up some category types for newspaper video. Good idea and could be helpful. I’m not sure yet I’m in love with his categories or definitions, but I don’t have anything better to propose at the moment.

I think there is a class of video that embeds in a story, that relies on quick, lo-fi production and is short and single-shot, but I’m not sure calling it “disruptive video” is quite right. I say that mainly because what Andy calls “channel video” can also be disruptive (and should be), such as Roanoke’s TimesCast. How about “Attached Video”?

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2 thoughts on “Types of newspaper video

  1. I was thinking more about disruptive in the sense of using the disruptive technology and processes to produce it rather than aiming to be disruptive in itself. But you are right in that it may not be the best word to use.

    I was kicking around embedded, contextual, inline amongst others.

  2. Embedded runs into a conflict with the tag. Contextual now sounds too much like advertising, or something that is autogenerated to link to the story. Inline has some potential.

    Attached as the CMS vibe going, meaning I think that’s a good thing, because in most CMS’s you would “attach” the related content to a story.

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