Update on bright new media leaders who have left newspapers

A while back, I did a blog post about bright people who have left the industry.  Here’s a quick update (and I welcome further input from anybody who has other names to add).

  • Chris Jennewein is back in, having gone to work for the Las Vegas Sun.
  • Sean Polay has rejoined Ottaway.
  • Lucas Grindley is now online managing editor at National Journal.
  • Not included in the previous list, and I can’t remember if this was an oversight, or if he left McClatchy after the post: Dick van Halsema is now consulting.
  • Steve Smith, who traditionally would probably be classified more print side, but was long a forward-thinking new media leader — he made a very public exist from Spokane this week.

Anybody else?

1 thought on “Update on bright new media leaders who have left newspapers

  1. The former online editor of roanoke.com — John Jackson has left The Roanoke Times and roanoke.com to take on a position running the web site for virginiatech.edu

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