Vehicle plunges off Panorama cliff

At about 5 p.m. yesterday, I was heading west on Panorama when I spotted smoke blowing up the bluffs. I figured it was just another grass fire, but after I passed through the smoke wall, I noticed a number of people were looking at something below the cliffs, I decided to stop.

At the bottom of the cliff was a car on fire. Nearby were three people who appeared to be trying to help a person on the ground.

A witness told me that he was driving west on Panorama when a vehicle that had been heading east, swerved in front of him and toward the cliff. He said the car was “going full throttle” as it headed over the edge.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any further information (such as the condition of the man on the ground or whether there were more people in the vehicle) since all the local media missed the story.

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