Video strategy session webcast live at 6 p.m.

I always figured some day I would get a chance to make history. It looks like it’s happening tonight.  For the first time ever, the NPPA Northern Short Course is going to webcast a session live.

It starts at 6 p.m. EDT.  It’s me and Chuck Fadely talking about video strategy.  Notice I didn’t say argue or debate. I’m going to try real hard to be nice.

Come watch live streaming video and count how many rotten tomatoes get tossed my way.

3 thoughts on “Video strategy session webcast live at 6 p.m.

  1. Greg, I’m surprised somebody watched!

    FWIW: I’m guessing you haven’t been reading this blog long enough to know the background of Chuck and I “debating” video …

  2. There were quite a few people watching. Viewership peaked at 67, but hovered in the mid- to high 50s for most of the time. A few watchers (Ryan Sholin, an unnamed Toronto media guy, the person doing the streaming and me) also chatted during the session using Ustream’s built in app.

    I’ve been reading the blog since November, but I could figure out what the “debate” was about from what I had read here before and knowing what the Herald’s philosophy is — as well as from watching the session. I should have made my tomato count a figurative one.

    I’m the editor of The Miami Hurricane and we’ve been doing both “FasterMore” and “BiggerBetter” since I started my term in the fall. We’re only in our first year of doing video, but I’d say our mix has worked out well. Shameless plug: Check out our YouTube page.

    I’m going to be a metro intern at the Herald this summer and asked the recruiting ME about doing video. He said I could — and would be encouraged to — so I plan to go out on every assignment with both my mini-DV and point-and shoot cameras.

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