Web video ads are more effective than static banners

Web video ads are magic.

In essence, there’s just something special about that “play” button. The report found users click the “Playâ€?” button at considerably higher rates than they click image ads, and typically play those ads for two-thirds of their full lengths.

Online marketers should note the importance of getting their message across early on when creating videos. DoubleClick said most viewers stuck with the clips for two-thirds of their duration, meaning they typically watched about 19 seconds of each :30 video or 10 seconds of each :15 spot.

“It’s a mistake for advertisers to assume that all they should do is take their television ads and move them to the Internet,” he said. “I expect that the most effective video ads are the ones that compel the user to engage with them and initiate the advertising. Our clients are now mixed about whether their ads should play with or without user initiation… I think the best practice is to create the type of advertisements that users are going to request to see and initiate.”

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