Welcome to Along Came Jones

When Along Came Jones becomes a world famous blog, just remember who christened it.

Oh, and get what JJ says about the overused word, “bako,”

For me the word Bako conjures up images of being stuck in a tar pit and dying in the sun while birds tear at my flesh, I dunno that’s just me, so bakojones was out of the question. Don’t get me wrong I like the word Bako I have it as part of an email address and one of my dear friends from back in the day was the first person I ever heard use the word Bako in reference to Bakersfield like calling San Francisco “Frisco� or some such.

Yeah, but not call it “Frisco” the the face of anybody from Frisco, or you’re likely to lose your face. Friscoians hate the word for some reason. Maybe it’s time to retire “bako” in a similar fashion. Whadda say, Jones?

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Along Came Jones

  1. I’ve never met anybody from San Francisco that I was too worried about losing my face to, my dignity yes, my virginity yes, my wallet yes, but never my face(Just kidding). I know it sounds weak to thank somebody and that I look like I am starving for attention but Thanks Howard.

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