We’re now Pittsfordians

After signing my name exactly 80 times this morning and handing over a hefty (for us) check, I was given the keys to our new house today.

It’s cool, of course. It was built in 1959, has 3,100 square feet, which includes a basement with a fireplace and wet bar (this will be my room, meaning all of my music stuff, as well as (eventually) a poker table) will go here). The lot is .61 acres with more than a dozen mature trees and not much else in landscaping, so it’s kind of a blank canvas. First order of business is planting some rose bushes so I can learn how to grow them in New York.

We’re very happy in Western New York. We have barely missed California. There’s lots to do and see here.

Compare and contrast: When we moved to Bakersfield, it was a month before the first neighbor introduced himself, and no other neighbor ever did. Within six hours after closing escrow, the three closest neighbors had all walked over to say, “hello.”

I’ll have a video of the house available later. If you have any interest in seeing it, send an e-mail to howard owens (oneword) (at) gmail (dot) com.

3 thoughts on “We’re now Pittsfordians

  1. Thanks. It’s a nice size house and a nice house. But it’s no mansion. Home prices are a lot less here than where you are or where I came from.

    Interestingly, since I posted this, I got more insight into why the neighbors or so friendly. Let’s just say, in the words of one neighbor, we’re a “100 percent improvement” over the previous residents.

  2. Glad to hear things are going well.

    I’m sorry to say it but a lot of people in Bakofornia are assholes there is no neighborly co-operation. I had to introduce myself to all of my neighbors in the old neighborhood then after I observed their actions for about 6 months I wished I hadn’t…

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