What the NY tabs are doing right

While newspaper circulation around the country is dropping, the New York Post and the Daily News are growing. Forbes tackles the issue of why:

Emphasize local coverage
Neither the Post nor the News provides much in the way of national or international news. And why should they? There are plenty of other places now where you can get your fill of national and foreign coverage …

Offer stories you can’t get anywhere else
Both the Post and the News know that to hook readers, they need to give them stuff they can’t get elsewhere. …

Keep it short
… many consumers would just as easily do with about 800 words or less …

Pick a point of view
Journalism ethics experts would cry foul, but the success of News Corp.’s Fox News Channel, news blogs and even The Daily Show With Jon Stewart indicates that a large segment of the public doesn’t mind having its news served up with attitude and a distinct point of view. ….

Keep serving up sports
Strong coverage of local sports teams–whether professional, college or high school–remains one of the most potent readership draws that newspapers have. …

(via Romenesko)

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