What’s the count, Alan?

Alan Jacobson has been at the forefront of modern newspaper design recently, pushing for designs that publishers hope will increase readership. Here’s a list of his recent redesigns, topped by my former employer, The Bakersfield Californian (“the most dramatic and innovative design in America,” according to Alan).

The news is everywhere today: Circulation is down across the nation.

I’d like to know how Alan’s redesigned papers are doing? Did they decline, too? If so, how much, and now did they compare to the averages in their circ category? Did any show a circ gain? If so, why?

If I can get my hands on the full Fas-Fax report, I’ll share.

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2 thoughts on “What’s the count, Alan?

  1. […] In a previous post, I suggested that Alan Jacobson talk about how circ is doing at newspapers he’s redesigned. In concert with that post, I wrote to E&P reporter Jennifer Saba and suggested she acquire the full Fas-Fax report, or at least the top 150 markets, and publish it. Her response: Request the report yourself. She referred me to the Fas-Fax Web site. […]

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