Why I garden, blog and write code

In my forced time off, I could watch MASH reruns all day.

Instead, I wake up every morning at the usual time and tend to my garden. I enjoy the physical labor. You might assume it would be a chance to take my mind off things, but my mind never quits. My thoughts aren’t always productive, but much of the time I’m thinking about my projects.

I blog because it does help kill time, but it also helps me stay abreast of the industry. Also, writing has always been the way to help me sort out my own thoughts on issues and ideas. My blog is my scratch pad.

I write code because I have things I want to try. It helps keep my mind sharp. Before a few weeks ago, I hadn’t written code in more than two years. Web development has advanced much in two years. My projects are helping me catch up. I assume this will benefit my future employer.

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