Why local TV news is losing on the web

Cory Bergman wonders how local TV could have fallen so far behind in the race to make something out of online video.

To me, the answer is easy: It’s broadcast vs. personal voice.

See my posts on personal journalism.

Generally, repurposing packaged goods media content for the digital doesn’t work because the digital is a whole different way of communicating.

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2 thoughts on “Why local TV news is losing on the web

  1. Frankly, I hope my TV competitors don’t figure this one out.

    I don’t know that newspapers have online video figured out despite Cory Bergman noting that have newspapers have bested local TV in video revenue, according to the Borrell figures.

    Both of us — once again — were caught typing news as YouTube created local online video. That’s not all it is, of course, but I can find more hyperlocal video about my community on it than anywhere else.

    What does that say?

  2. Jack, we go back a long ways … I think both of us understood things only in part … in lots of ways … and we were prevented for various reasons from experimenting how we might have liked … now the picture seems so clear …

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