Yahoo and Google, two different media models

I don’t usually do quotes of the day, but this bit from Jeff Jarvis deserves to stand on its own with no commentary from me:

I talked about Yahoo as the last old media company to look at the world this way (along with all the older media companies): ‘We control content. We market to get you to come to us. Then we feed you as much advertising as we can, until you leave.’ That’s the centralized model of media. I contrasted this with the decentralized, distributed model embodied by nobody better than Google: ‘We go to where you are and put service and advertising there. Your pageview is then our pageview. And we have enabled you to do what you want to do. And we can all do more of it.’ I argued that media companies should ask WWGD — ‘what would Google do?’ (and, yes, Google is the new God).

OK, one comment: I want a bumper sticker — it would be the only bumper sticker I’d put on my car: “What would Google do?”

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