Is your news site the center of the local mediasphere?

John Wilpers is taking aim and taking names … he goes hunting for the top newspapers in the industry and asks if they’re really doing a good job at being the center of the local mediasphere.

And notice, I didn’t say “blogosphere,” because even though he concentrates on blogs in his post, the question really is — are you directing traffic for ALL of the media in your coverage area.  Blogs are a big part of it, and you need to really get John’s point if you want to get modern media, but we really need to think beyond blogs.

You should have policies, strategies and procedures in place to ensure you’re linking to all of the local media … TV, Radio, Blogs, wiki sites, craigslist … why should a reader need to go to any of those other sites FIRST to get news or information. Should you be directing traffic?

How good of a job is your web site doing at being the center of the mediasphere?

2 thoughts on “Is your news site the center of the local mediasphere?

  1. Thank you, Howard, and you’re absolutely right about looking beyond bloggers to all content creators in a community. If newspapers aren’t aggregating/partnering with everyone, readers will go where it’s most convenient, where they can get the most for their time (a Huffington Post local site?).

    Newspapers should be THE source for everything local, whether they created it or not.

    — John

  2. Howard, I know you’re not a fan of registration free comments and the quality of discussion suffers, but it does get people addicted to your site:

    Right or wrong, I don’t see other newspaper sites generate this much discussion.

    BTW, the idea that one site can be THE local mediasphere is wrong. The Internet just doesn’t work that way.

    That horse is out of the barn. Newspaper sites can, however, be the BEST local site.

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