YouTube could make local play

A prediction for 2007 from Motley Fool:

I predict that within the year, YouTube will prominently sort videos geographically. It will help give the site more of the localized social-networking flair it currently (and surprisingly) lacks. It will also help inspire more local-minded e-commerce.Why aren’t folks generating leads on YouTube to sell their homes or cars? Yes, searches for “cars for sale” and “homes for sale” generate about 300 entries apiece but many of those videos are several months old. That’s chump change for a site that’s growing by 65,000 uploads a day. Paying for listings or going through Craigslist is so 2005.

Keeping it local won’t be all about buying and selling, of course. Innovative camcorder-wielders will be able to create their own brands with area reviews and critiques. It will be easier to get noticed on the local level over the landing page shuffle.

So, will sites sit ideally by as this happens? I imagine most will.

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