YouTube’s UGC awards

I don’t have time to dig into this right now, but YouTube is hosting a user-generated video awards project. Good idea. Though my first thought is: How do you define UGC. For example, just glancing at the nominees, I see they include OK Go. Yes, the video was shot very much in a UGC way, but it’s still a professional production. And Lonelygirl15 is a group production by aspiring filmmakers — so is it pro or UGC?

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1 thought on “YouTube’s UGC awards

  1. Now there’s a frightening thought: yahoo-ites voting for best UGC news story. Will it even be news or will it be some celeb tidbit? Yes I admire the common folk (most of the time I am one) but the face of the future scares me if the kids I’m teaching right now are any indicater. Most of them don’t care about community or issues – they just want to be entertained.

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