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Blogging has been light here for some time.

I’m tired of arguing with curmudgeons and the class hearty souls who discovered the web in 2004 and now has all the answers (many of them tried by online news veterans 10 years ago).

Just about everything I have to say, I’ve said. I noticed some time ago, I was repeating myself too often. Different words. Same meanings.

I’m tired of Ground Hog Day.

I’m not going to stop blogging. I’m not going to stop posting totally.  Stay subscribed to the RSS feed.

Not everything I might have to say can be said in 140 characters.

I have been having fun with Twitter recently.  I’m howardowens there.

If the past is any indication, something will spark me out of my blogging funk and I’ll become prodigious again.  But not today and probably not tomorrow.

Tell Romenekso I said, “Hi.”

1 thought on “Find me on Twitter

  1. Howard:

    Sounds like blogging is turning you into a curmudgeon, but good luck with the Twitter approach.

    Hoepfully, you’ll find some value there.So far Twitter’s been offering me mnothing but informatin about friends I could care less about.

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