Scripps driving innovation with in-house grants

Bob Benz is in London at a media conference and he spoke there on innovation and shared a little about the E.W. Scripps Entrepreneur’s Fund, which is $1.5 million pile of cash available to any entrepreneur with in Scripps willing to make a pitch for a project or business model.

“Let’s stop being prey, let’s start being predators,” he says. “Think like a venture capitalist, think like a start-up. There are opportunities here but if you look at Craigslist and Yahoo and Google and cry in your beer, you won’t get anywhere. Start looking for opportunities to attack and start looking for opportunities to do it in a calculated way, in a business-like way.”

I’ve been excited by this idea since I first heard of it a few months ago. I think it’s an idea more newspaper companies should emulate.

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