I’ve always been interested in photography, but when I had a good SLR I couldn’t afford much in the way of film or developing.  Then, when digital came along, I couldn’t afford, nor justify, anything but a point-and-shot camera.

In running The Batavian, I realized that with no photography staff, the "reporter armed with nothing more than a point-and-shot" just wouldn’t cut it.  There are some photo assignments that can only be handled by a quality SLR camera.

So I bought a Nikon D90.

This immediately led to an improvement in my photography, which led to a lot of positive reader feedback, which encouraged me even more to take photography more seriously.

I’m very pleased the the ongoing positive feedback I get from friends, family and readers for the pictures I’ve been taking.

I don’t know where a serious interest in photography will take me, but I keep pursuing it.

This has led me to set up a photoblog:

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